PF Fylers

PF Flyers is a shoe brand built on vulcanized rubber and canvas techniques. New Balance purchased this brand in 2001 and then re-launched it in 2003. Since then, PF Flyers has been maintained by New Balance as a premium, classic sneaker brand rooted in authentic American style. The brand continues to be expanded upon.

In preparation for holiday 2016, I created PF's gift guide look/theme across the site and other related marketing assets. Click any of the assets to view the consumer facing result.

PF Flyers
April 2016 thru Current

PF Flyers is currently undergoing a brand update to which I have been heavily involved in. All of the assets above are from the old brand since the new brand transition hasn't taken place. The PF Flyers brand includes promotional/transactional emails, display ads, site-related content such as homepage banners, landing pages, and social images. Other tasks include retouching of product and lifestyle photos along with structuring asset content to meet marketing goals.

The promotional emails featured show a single product and a multi-product layout using only text and available product shots. Other assets have been included to show how creative was extrapolated across all deliverables. To see a complete list of all PF Flyers promotional emails I have created, check out the archived list.

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