Dignified Shoes

A fictional app created to help style-conscious men refine their personal style by finding the perfect shoe for all of their purposes. This project demonstrates a persona, UX wireframes and user flow, UI design, and Figma prototype.


  • Style Seeker
  • Brax Johnston
  • Has a high paying and/or stressful job.
  • Males aged between 22 and 32.
  • Has an annual income of $55,000+.
  • Has some form of college education, most likely a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Primary Audience:

Young / middle aged professional with high paying and/or stressful job, disposable income, and limited time to find a shoe that fits their style.

Secondary Audience:

Young / middle aged professional who has recently taken an interest in defining a personal style. Doesn’t have much disposable income but is known to splurge on shoes and clothes periodically.

Tertiary Audience:

Any male looking for help finding shoes.

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