Selected Illustrations From Various Projects


Type of Work
A mix of personal projects, student, Grain internal, and client based.

Images 1-2, Architecture:

Architecture is something that has always inspired me. The perfect symmetry and ornate detail have similar qualities to graphic design in general. Since I like to travel and see different styles of architecture I thought it would be interesting to illustrate some iconic but lesser known architectural pieces to Americans. In this project, I explore line art, symmetry, and color choices. (Personal project) Back to image

Images 3, Grain Holiday Email:

An animated gif portion of the 2015 Grain holiday newsletter I created. I also coded it using Zurb Ink. The snowflake theme related to the winter poem which accompanied the animation. (Grain, Inc.) Back to image

Images 4, Gig Poster:

Of Monsters and Men is a lively band from Iceland. In the poster I chose a rich color palette that would reflect the attitude of the band as well as the icelandic nature of their music. The monsters were given attributes of men (humans) while in this state of musical greatness. (Student work) Back to image

Images 5, Mynah:

Included on Mynah’s home page, these illustrations serve as attention seekers for each key point of a product called Mimic. Mimic simulates plant functions so that plant owners can maintain an efficient and profitable operation. The tumbler pattern houses these illustrations, Plant life cycle results, Dynamic process modeling in Mimic, and flexible simulation in order to give more visual interesting while helping the viewer understand what the copy is describing. Please visit to view these illustrations and more. Back to image

Images 6, Mynah Mimic Product Page:

These illustrations are part of an interactive element which helps Mynah’s audience better understand the product’s benefits and features. Please visit to see the live project. (Grain, Inc.) Back to image

Images 7, Form Dashboard:

These small spot illustrations can be found on the dashboard of Form, a product of Grain that is used to create smart, powerful, adaptive applications. Each illustration seeks to represent the action associated with each dashboard option. (Grain, Inc.) Back to image

Images 8, Aviation:

These illustrations are part of a project I called Aviation. Aviation, in its completeness is a science exhibit which explains and illustrates how planes fly. The gauges can be found throughout the exhibit wall panels as well as animated in the digital catalogue. Created using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. See more of the project on Behance. (Student work) Back to image

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