Missouri Baptist University Magazine

Print Design and Illustration

Creative Directors
Matt Steel (Summer) and Jason Tasso (Winter)

Tyler Sanguinette

Grain, Inc.

In 2015, I completed several spreads from the summer and winter editions of Missouri Baptist University’s magazine.

Summer: In this edition, we focused on layout and typography while creating a system for the news section. The news section needed to be distinctly different just as the cover story, XYZ, needed to be. We redesigned the news section in a way that clearly communicated its content through a news-like aesthetic where statistics and quotes help bring the reader into the story. TheMBU's men’s volleyball team won their first national championship this year so we designed a spread that captured the excitement and energy of their success.

Winter: MBU’s winter magazine cover is based on the magazine’s cover story. This impactful story shines light on the positive contributions alumni and current Missouri Baptist students are making in the St. Louis community. The ribbon used in the illustration represents how these alumni and current students are integrated in the city and are building a better, more positive, city for all through their skills, faith, compassion, and dedication. Our layouts focus on conveying the warmth of the story by using large expressive photos and the MBU brand orange as the splash color.

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