Sky Light Center Media Kit 2016

Print Design, Illustration

Creative Director
Jason Tasso

Tyler Sanguinette

Grain, Inc.

Sky Light Center, a company on Staten Island, offers a path to recovery from psychiatric and substance use disabilities through comprehensive rehabilitation services based in an intentional community setting. This is the second of two media kits Grain completed for Sky Light Center. Its purpose is to display the growth and advancement of Sky Light.

My role in this project was to redesign the front/back inside covers and title page so these pages helped tell the story of Sky Light Center in a more effective way. I also replaced all of the photos throughout the media kit, updated text, completely redesigned the strategic plan by combining the mission, vision, and core ideas. On the “Stating the Facts” spread I created a concept and then completed the illustration based on client feedback. The previous years’ “Member stories” section featured three extended stories about members and their progress. In this year’s media kit, we have changed this section by including a more recent story of Christine Turner but also giving a shorter update on the members from the previous year.

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