University of Missouri — St. Louis Human Resources Web Assets

Social Media and Illustration

Creative Director
Tara VanDeVoorde and Erik Smetana

Tyler Sanguinette

University of Missouri — St. Louis

During my internship at UMSL in Human Resources, I created many graphics for Facebook, University of Missouri system-wide MyLearn banners, posters, forms, maps, icons, and infographics relating to job openings. The social media postings usually marked some form of holiday or silly devotion through illustration. These illustrations helped engage users with the UMSL HR brand.

The remaining graphics are advertisements for myLearn, a University of Missouri system-wide program. Each of the elements would be found on the web either in a sidebar or used as a header image. “Dump the Pump” and “employee discounts” graphics were used across social media to help educate current and potential employees of the services UMSL offers.

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