New Website!

After almost a year of not having a proper portfolio website, I decided to finally build one myself. To describe my process, I created the layout and styles in InDesign and then translated it to HTML, SCSS, and Javascript using Zurb Foundation as a framework. I’ve isolated this subfolder (/blog) in order to experiment with Jekyll, a simple, blog-aware, static site generator. It allows me to write posts in Markdown while using a template based structure. Other pages on this site will give you more information about myself or my work.

Home Page:

The first page everyone one sees, the home page, contains all of the most important information I would like viewers to see. It describes what I do in a large headline statement, displays some of my most recent projects so viewers can easily view my work, and gives a way to contact me.

Project Detail:

Each project detail pages, as you might expect, gives more in-depth information about the project. I usually describe the general overview, hightlight some of the challenging areas of the project, describe other important design decisions, and explain the role(s) I played. If the project is a website, a button to the live site precedes the last paragraph of the project detail, for quick access.

Lettering Sketches:

The lettering sketches section is a small collection of just a few of the things I have lettered over the past few years. As I experiment more with lettering I’ll defiantly add more pieces to this page. Check it out if you enjoy hand lettering!

Study Abroad:

I studied abroad my final year of university at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. This section is my process journal, things I thought, saw, and heard during my trip. It spans over six months and describes just about everything I experienced at school and while traveling.


This section describes my process and what I look for in a job/project. If you want to work with me or learn how I create projects then this is definitely for you.


A collection of writing on pretty much anything from a side project explanations to a short development tutorial or a walk-through of my hand lettered journey. Eventually, I plan to publish my latest and long-time side project about rethinking the airline boarding pass.


Finally, in the about section, you’ll learn where I went to school and where I worked until now. You’ll also see a list of my current skills and the skills I’m working on.